Prayer Team

Town Pastors Prayer Team

We believe effective prayer cover is vital for the Town Pastor initiative. We are therefore very keen to recruit a committed prayer team to support the Town Pastors on every occasion they are out on the streets of Bury St Edmunds.

Clearly to be most effective, the prayer cover needs to coincide with the times the Town Pastors are out on the streets. Therefore, individuals on the prayer team will need to be willing to pray at times between 10pm and 4am on the weekend nights the Pastors are on duty.

There are two distinct ‘streams’ that members of the prayer team can opt for.

Prayer at Home

We are seeking to recruit people who are willing to pray for an hour slot, at home, between 10pm and 4am.

Prayer at a town centre venue

We are seeking those who could join with others at a town centre venue to pray between10pm and 4am (in communication with the Town Pastors on the streets). They also bless the Town Pastors with tea, coffee and toast when they take an occasional break.

On average, each Prayer Team Member is expected to be ‘on duty’ one night a month. You will be given the opportunity to indicate your availability each month.

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