Bury Town Pastors In The News

Bury Town Pastors first appeared in the news in the East Anglian Daily Times in May 2008.

action: drugs and alcohol, the newsletter of the West Suffolk Substance Misuse Implementation Team Summer 2008.

Volunteers give pastoral care: Bury Free Press, 7th November 2008.

Christian group wins top volunteer award - Bury Free Press 2nd April 2010

Praise for pastors' work: East Anglia Daily Times 25th May 2010

Bid 4 Bury laptop

Bid4Bury supported the Bury Town Pastors with the gift of a laptop computer, which was reported in their May 2012 newsletter.

Brenda's legacy sees £7,000 go to Pastors; Bury Free Press 11th May 2012

Bury Free Press website

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